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    The Brand

    It was in the maze of India’s vibrant bazaars where everything began. It was among these scents and these colors, that jewelry became a passion, an obsession: the stones, the shapes, and their symbolism.

    And… what if these jewels could become something else? If, in addition to being trendy, they could reassure us, protect us, support us, every day, like a talisman… « Talismas » was born.

    The spirit of the brand

    Since the dawn of time, jewelry has symbolized our belonging to a social or religious group. We also wear them as a lucky charm, a talisman … they reinforce our confidence, they reassure us. They can be a source of emotions, the memory of a person, a past moment, a promise … A jewel is intimate and personal. We choose it, or it chooses us …

    The Designer

    Charline has always been passionate about the fashion industry and its different production methods. Evidently, she began her career in the purchasing department of the most famous French children’s wear brands.

    After a series of circumstances, she moved to India. Knowing no one in this remarkably spiritual, new country, the first few months allowed deep introspection. This experience was so strong, so rewarding, that six months, later, she made the decision to stay there.

    Being naturally curious, what fuels her are her travels and newly discovered cultures. Their differences, but also what links them… what makes the uniqueness of the human race, in its weaknesses, its fears, its joys and its strengths.

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